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Steel Manufacturing

We have great pleasure to introduce ourselves as one of the largest composite steel manufacturing plant situated in Gujarat, precisely at Kutch.

Billet manufacturing through concast in induction laddle refining furnace with annual capacity of 1.8 lakh Ton per annum for Billets These billets are used as raw material in our following Structural and TMT Sections.

These TMT bars are manufactured with the collaboration of M/s. Henningsdorfer Stahl Engg. Gmbh, Germany through their agents in India M/s H&K Rolling mills Engg Pvt Ltd. Mumbai. These TMT Rebars manufactured in the grade of 1786 Fe 500, 500D, 500CRS, CRS500D. All the above products are manufactured under strict quality control and with experienced and qualified personnel. Testing at different stages of production is done in our well equipped chemical and physical laboratory.

SS Seamless Pipe & Tubes

SS Seamless Pipes are extensively used for conveyance of fluids intended for critical high temperature and general. Seamless SS Tubes are used in Under similar service conditions in heat transfer process equipments like boilers, super heaters, heat exchanges, condensers etc.

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Metals & Mining

Metal industries are the indispensable part of an economy and form the solid foundation of industrial development of any economy. The mining Industry in India encompasses exploration of new minerals and mines and production of mineral resources from the various mines already in operation.