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Key Values

At ASR we have renewed our focus on the elements of our business that we believe will reshape, or, in steel terms, recast our future, and once again put ASR at the pinnacle of our industry. We have good reason to believe that our focus on these key elements will drive both our top-line and bottom-line results, because we have been there before, and we are intensely focused on our goal.



Our value proposition starts, first and foremost, with an unrelenting commitment to employee safety.



ASR, our official policy is to take a planned approach to continuous improvement of our products.

Founded in 2004, the organization is headed by Mr. Arun Aggarwal & Mr. Atul Aggarwal.

who with his vision and understanding of worldwide needs for the masses, started exploring commodities from West Africa. Over the years, the company has expanded its base to three continents in 15 countries with 6 partners and over 15000 buyers and sellers. CROSSWINGS has presence in the following countries:


Vision & Strategy

ASR is dedicated to safely producing the highest quality steel products for our customers, delivering them on-time and providing them with outstanding service. We are committed of being a responsible corporate citizen. It is our intention to operate ethically with all constituents, maintaining fair and honest relationships and to operate within both the letter and the spirit of the law. From the shop floors of all our plants to the executive offices, ASR is devoted to achieving excellence in all we do on behalf of each stakeholder every day.

Strive and thrive constantly to upgrade ourselves and our products, to serve you the best. We are here to provide you desired safety against any calamity. Since inception our management has been making efforts to place ourselves in a competitive position in the steel industry by proactively responding even to specific needs of our customer

key value

Director Speech

Mr. Arun Aggarwal

At the outset, let me thank you for your interest shown in the Heavy Steel Products offered by our Group. Since the very beginning, at ASR Group, it has been our constant endeavor to be at the forefront of delivering superlative performance. Instead of resting on our laurels of past successes, we always look out for new challenges and goals to be accomplished.

In every decades, it has undoubtedly been an inspiring journey, spearheading our leading organization. On this platform, it is very imperative to owe our success to our esteemed clients for their trust and unstinting support, and also to our employees who have been the backbone of the leading edge performance.

While my inspiration comes from the saying, Be a Leader or Be with a Leader which has been ingrained in my mind since childhood, I have always professed that one should believe in oneself to achieve the impossible. I strongly believe that if you work steadfastly towards a goal, the whole universe shall conspire together to help you achieve your goal.

It is this belief that has motivated me to take on the challenge of becoming the World's No. 1 in steel Technologies towards which we are taking small but quantifiable steps.

I warmly welcome you to ASR Group, and hope that our website offers all the information you seek. And if you are not already our customer, I invite you to become one and enjoy being our esteemed business partner.