Steel Manufacturing

Billet manufacturing through concast in induction laddle refining furnace with annual capacity of 1.8 lakh Ton per annum for Billets These billets are used as raw material in our following Structural and TMT sections.
TMT: For manufacturing ASR THERMEX TMT Rebars in the Size range of 8mm,10mm,12mm,16mm,20mm,25mm & 32 mm These TMT bars are manufactured with the collaboration of M/s. Henningsdorfer Stahl Engg. Gmbh, Germany through their agents in India M/s H&K Rolling mills Engg Pvt Ltd. Mumbai These TMT Rebars manufactured in the grade of 1786 Fe 415, 500.
All the above products are manufactured under strict quality control and with experienced and qualified personnel. Testing at different stages of production is done in our well equipped chemical and physical laboratory.
The basic raw material for ASR Thermex - TMT is billet, which is drawn from sponge iron and HMS. To manufacture the billets, induction furnace based steel melting shop with continues billet casting machine (CONCAST) is being used. Chemical composition of billets is checked with well equipped laboratory at the time of melting.

To produce ASR Thermex-TMT, we use licensed Thermex cooling technology of HSE, Germany. Hereafter the last rolling mill stand, the steel bars receive a short intensive cooling as it passes through the Thermex water cooling system. This reduction temperature converts the surface layer of steel bars to a hardened structure. This phase of intensive cooling is followed by further cooling in atmosphere, so that the temperature between the core (still hot) and outer cooled surface is equalizes and the surface layer gets tempered from the heat of the core.

Production Technology
We have great pleasure to introduce ourselves as one of the largest composite steel manufacturing plant situated in Gujarat, precisely at Kutch

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