ASR TMT bars Manufacturing process
The careful removal of slag during the boiling process results in highly purified form of Billets. At the exit of the rolled product, the ribbed bar is subjected to the Thermo Mechanical Treatment (TMT) process across 3 stages.


Stage 1:
This involves successive steps of rapid quenching in a special water system converting the surface layer of ribbed bar into a hardened structure.
Stage 2: This is tempering process, which involves the flow of the heat from the core of the bar to the surface.
Stage 3: Finally, the bars are cooled in atmospheric air on the cooling bed. Because of the sudden and extensive cooling of the red hot bar, its temperature lowers down from 1000° Celsius to 300° Celsius. The process turns the periphery of the bar hard but the core of the bar remains largely unaffected. On the cooling bed, the inner hot zone reheats the bar and anneals its surface. This tempered hard surface is termed as ‘MARTENSITE’ and inner soft core is called ‘FERRITE-PEARLITE’. The brittle-free, hardened and elastic state of these bars, make it capable to survive even high magnitude earthquakes.
Product Assurance
STRENGTH - The rib pattern of ASR THERMEX TMT Bars are especially designed to ensure the excellent bond strength between the concrete and the bar. This is commendable as it increases durability even in the most hazardous environment.
ECONOMY - ASR THERMEX TMT Bars are higher strength re-bars with enhanced elongation which implies optimal & economical usage of steel consumption with maximum safety. 
BENDABILITY - The controlled process of manufacturing ASR THERMEX TMT Bars leads to a perfect correlation between the outer hard surface and soft core resulting in perfect bendability.
WELDABILITY - Through controlling the parameters of 'Thermo Mechanical Treatment', ASR THERMEX TMT ensures better weldability against conventional cold twisted bars. It can be easily butt-welded or lap-welded, as these bars are produced with Carbon less than 0.25%.
CORROSION RESISTANCE - The uniform and thick tempered martensitic rim free from internal stresses improves the corrosion resistance of ASR TMT.
EARTHQUAKE RESISTANT - ASR TMT provides superior mechanical characteristics and durability with safety measures, fundamental for a material in which earthquake resistant properties are required.
TEMPERATURE RESISTANT - ASR THERMEX TMT Steel Bars has superior resistance to heat at elevated temperatures
ASR THERMEX TMT Bars assures your dream construction an ability to stand tall and protect you even in the time of natural calamities.
Mild Steel TMT Bars offered by our company are known for their durable performance and resistance against adverse conditions. We make available these T Bars in different sizes and dimensions depending on clients’ requirement.
Thermex TMT Bars
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The THERMAX cooling Technology involves sunjecting the bar to predetermined quanity of high-pressure water after the last rolling mill stand. This treatment converts the bar surface to a hardened sturcture. The subsequent phase involves cooling at ambient temperature to allow the hot cored to temper the surface through thermal exchange. This results in a unique structure of hardend Tempered Marten site in the perihperal zone & soft Ferrite Pearlite at the core and the process in known as 'Self Tempering Process'.
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TMT Bars
Product Usage
The ASR THERMAX TMT Steel Bars are aptly suited for all types of consturctions and concrete sturctures. Irrespective of soil condition and environment disparities, the bars are made for outstanding performance, every time. The commitment of the company is reflected through its superior quality which guarantees increased life expectancy of construction, even in coastal and marine areas where corrosion can easily weaken the strenght of bar.

Various sizes of ASR THERMAX TMT Bars are available to suit any of the following structures.
Shoping Malls
Industrial Infrastructures
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Product Features
ASR Multimetals Private Limited being a largest manufacutrer of structural steel is focused to the supply the material to telecommunication and power transmission tower manufacturing unit.
The company has supply the M.S, Angle to the tower manufacturing units since long time, to manufacture the M.S. Angle for tower manufacturing units requires dedication foresight and timely delivery to esteem customer.
The work force is trained in-house to guarantee quality and efficiency down the line. Specially trained inspectors, well defined testing equipment, established on-line quality assurance plan, effective maintenance result in accident free and quality products.
The plant is amongst the most modern plants in the country as well as being approved and certified by ISO 9001 standards. All manufacturing processes at ASR Multimetals
Private Limited. are carried out as per IS ,BS standards.
The Goal of the company is always focus on stringent quality, timely deliveries & prompt service which are ensured by our dedicated teams both at the Corporate & in the Circles.

Product Benefits & Range
As per the broder objective which is customer satisfaction - ASR Multimetals is commited to deliver finest steel bars. The use of ASR High strength THERMAX TMT bars reduces civil construction cost because of saving in usage of reinfocement bars, reduced labour cost, lower transport cost and easy processing due to high weldability . So , it can be labeled as very economical TMT bar in its category.
The replacement of conventional CTD bars by ASR THERMAX TMT bars results in saving in terms of weight and thereby cost. The chart will substantiate the cost saving factor in more details.
(In Case of weldable bars the carbon content should be 0,025% max)
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