Sponge Iron has become the preferred raw material for secondary steel production in India. With the availability of abundant raw material in India, the production of sponge is set to multiply over the years. Global market trends predict a steady upward movement. The Group has consolidated its position to meet the growing demand .
In its further step towards the use of in-house resources, the company has setup its own Sponge Iron manufacturing unit in the year 2007. Wherein the plant has been set up with the 2x100 TPD Kilns capable of manufacturing a total annual capacity of around 66000 M.T. The company is using higher grade Raw Material to produce the graded Sponge Iron.

We are a well-known sponge iron agent, presenting sponge iron. We bring steel sponge iron which is universally praised for its superior quality. Sponge iron is mainly used as a raw material for specialty steel as well as substitute for scrap. Made from iron ore, sponge iron in itself is not used. It is further processed to make wrought iron. The rise in price of scrap and other factors have led to the increase in the use of sponge iron for making high quality steel and the material further enhances the product manufacturing flexible of our client.

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