An induction furnace uses a combination of electrical resistance and hysteresis losses to heat metal. The furnace heats the metal by exposing it to the magnetic field around a coil-carrying alternating current. These enclosed structures use induction heating sources to produce heat for industrial purposes. In order to withstand long-term use, induction furnaces are made with a variety of heat-resistant (refractory) elements to. The enclosed space within the furnace holds the material, gas, or air being heated until the desired temperature is reached. Within an induction furnace, the heated area is easily controlled by the shape and size of the
inductor coil, yielding a uniform, high-performance end-product.
Induction Furnace

The greatest advantage of the Induction Furnace is its low capital cost compared with other types of Melting Units. Its installation is relatively easier and its operation simpler. Among other advantages, there is very little heat loss from the furnace as he bath is constantly covered and there is practically no noise during its operation. The molten metal in an Induction Furnace is circulated automatically by electromagnetic action so that when alloy additions are made, a homogeneous product is ensured in minimum time. The time between tap and charge, the charging time, power delays etc. are items of utmost importance are meeting the objective of maximum output in tones/hour at a low operational cost.

The process for manufacturing steel may be broadly divided into the following stages:

1.  Melting the charge mixed of steel & Iron scrap.

2.  Ladle teeming practice for Casting (OR)

3.  Direct teeming practice for Ingot Casting unloadable teeming machine.
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